Frequently Asked Questions

Outpatient Care
+ Can I be seen today?

Direct Access MD typically reserves same day appointments for its Members. If these appointments are not filled by Members, they become available to anyone. Most patients with an urgent need to see a doctor can be accommodated the same day or the next day.

+ Can I make my appointment online?

Yes! As soon as you become a Member, you will have access to our Online appointment desk and Online electronic health records.

+ Are there any conditions or illness that Dr. Ramirez does not treat?

Many conditions can be treated by your Primary Care Doctor. However, some complex medical issues often require an opinion and or treatment from a medical or surgical specialist. As a primary care doctor, Dr. Ramirez can give you a referral for a specialist when you need one.

+ Are there any restrictions regarding age or prior medical conditions?

No, we do not discriminate against people with complex medical problems or pre-existing conditions. We see everyone from babies to geriatrics.